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If you are struggling to find the time to define and document your Core Processes or if you feel like your Processes need to be refined and improved with the help of a tenured “Lean” professional, The TRACTION Hub is pleased to offer the Process Optimizer™, a 2-Day Define and Optimize Your Core Processes workshop.  The on-site workshop will follow a proven process created by Certified EOS® Implementer Michael Erath and Heidi Berger, Lean Specialist, CMA & MBA.  The process will not only help you define and document your Core Processes, but also help your teams triage each process to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and streamline every step to drive more value into your business.
The end result is that you will have all of the work done to complete your “Franchise Prototype” with 100% EOS® Purity in only 2 days. Within three weeks of completion of the workshop, we will deliver you the first draft of your documented Core Processes.


Heidi Berger – Lean Specialist, Certified Management Accountant and MBA


Heidi Berger brings to The TRACTION Hub and its EOS® clients a passion for analytics and helping businesses understand the “why” behind solutions. Heidi has spent her career analyzing and improving operations for companies in a variety of industries, with over 10 years at P.F. Chang’s, where she held roles as VP of Planning and Analysis, VP of Financial Operations and Risk, and most recently VP of Business Transformation. Heidi has also been in a variety of senior management roles in retail, distribution and restaurant firms where she focused on Finance, Operations, Risk, Treasury and Supply Management. Her roles have helped C-suite leaders guide strategy and make better decisions while also helping coach and mentor those directly affecting the customer. Heidi has a gift for translating the complex nature of numbers and analysis into meaningful, actionable ideas that can be executed. Her work with The TRACTION Hub will leverage these roles to help companies define, improve and document core processes, create measurables to build accountability to those processes, and improve bottom line performance.

A Green Belt in Lean principles guides Heidi in identifying waste and problem solving for teams and helping create value for clients. She helps companies achieve operational excellence in their core processes to optimize execution. Creating scorecards and dashboards are key drivers in her approach. As a Certified Management Accountant with an MBA in International Operations, Heidi’s has both the intellectual capacity and the real-world experience to bring meaningful, detailed change to SMART Direction’s clients and strengthen their EOS® Implementation.

Heidi and The TRACTION Hub founder, Michael Erath, have developed a Proven Process to help clients Define, Refine and Document their Core Processes over an intense 2-day workshop which Heidi facilitates “on site” at the client’s location. The end result of the 2-day workshop is a full mapping of all of the organizations Core Processes, with refinements and identified cost savings as well as assigned ownership of every step of every process. Let Heidi do the work for you, so that your teams can stay focused on executing your day-to-day business.

Heidi splits her time between Scottsdale, Arizona and Hotchkiss, Colorado with her husband, their draft horse hitch and dogs.  She is available to travel to any US destination.

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