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Scott Elser

Professional EOS Implementer™
Service Area: United States

Scott began his entrepreneurial journey in 2007, jettisoning the big advertising agency world to create a start-up agency named Launchpad. Within just a few years the agency grew from the two founders working on a front porch to become one of the nation’s fastest growing agencies with over $10M in revenue and 70 employees, and a member of the Inc 500.


While growing rapidly was a good problem to have, it created an array of other challenges. What had been a nimble start-up became more cumbersome to manage. It became difficult to climb up from the day-to-day working “in” the business to focus on the long-term health and direction of the company. Eighty-hour weeks were the norm, and too many low-level decisions were driven up to leadership based on a lack of clear accountability.


A few years later Scott was introduced to TRACTION® and EOS®. It was clear to him the life changing value EOS® brings to operating a growing company. Traction had been the missing ingredient at Launchpad.


This also led Scott to a personal realization. Scott’s passions have always been around teaching, coaching and mentoring. Having first-hand operational experience as an entrepreneur both with and without EOS® and executing the disciplines and tools of EOS® in a real-world environment, he realized his true calling is helping other entrepreneurs get more of what they want out of their own businesses by achieving Traction.


Scott is also a member of Vistage and the Forbes Agency Council, and a contributing writer to publications including Forbes and Inc Magazine around leadership and entrepreneurship.


Scott lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona with his wife and two sons, but as a native of NJ – and avid Springsteen fan – continues to split his time between Arizona and the east coast. He works with clients in a range of locations across the country.

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“Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Scott will walk away a better person. Not many people can have that said about them with 100% confidence. Scott is truly a selfless leader, mentor, and advocate. From his client relationships, he is a true partner and, equally as important, an activator of the other party’s success. It’s with this empowerment and empathy that I’ve seen him lift up businesses and teams alike.”

David Cygan, Brookdale Senior Living

“I have seldom worked with a partner that is more strategic than Scott. He listen’s well, delivers creative, value added solutions and most importantly takes the time to understand the business. I have hired Scott twice–and both times he has helped us exceed targets. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!”

Bjorn Leigvold, Western Union

“I highly recommend Scott. He helped our organization enter into new markets. More importantly, he was instrumental in elevating our thinking to solve complex problems. To put it simply, working with Scott was fun.”

David Reap, Phase 3 Marketing and Communications