“The best time in life to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time in life to plant a tree is today.” – Chinese Proverb

Michael Erath

Master Facilitator, Certified EOS Implementer™
and Best-Selling Author

“Michael is one of our best EOS Implementers™. What makes him great is that he has lived everything he teaches. His story is a great one and he is a true class act.”

 – Gino Wickman, Author of TRACTION® and Creator of EOS®


In the first 15 years of his career, Michael took over an $8M family manufacturing business and started a Trading Company, both of which he grew to a combined $45M in revenues with over 200 employees. Being tied closely to the housing market and due to the financial collapse of 2009, as well as a significant betrayal from a business partner and his own blind spots, by early 2010, Michael had lost it all.


Late in 2010, Michael leveraged all that he had and started a new business. It was during the startup of his new business that Michael was introduced to the book Traction®. Shortly thereafter, Michael began implementing EOS® in his new business. Not only did the business grow and in 2015 make the Inc. 5000, but running the business on EOS® gave Michael the entrepreneurial freedom to eventually exit the day-to-day of the business and focus on his true passion, which is taking all that his entrepreneurial life has given him, share it openly and vulnerably, and in doing so give it all back.


Since 2015, Michael has been a full-time EOS® Implementer where he not only coaches others through the implementation of EOS®, but shares from his more than 20 years of experiences in the trenches of the entrepreneurial world to help his clients recognize blind spots and learn lessons that can only be taught by someone who has lived through it all.


In 2017 Michael wrote about his incredible journey from success, to collapse, to a rebuilding based on lessons learned in what has now become an Amazon Best-Seller. His book, RISE: The Reincarnation of an Entrepreneur  is available in print and audible on Amazon and through this website .


As a veteran member of YPO, EO and VISTAGE, Michael is a huge fan of business peer groups as a key resource for entrepreneurs. He lives in Phoenix with his wife Elizabeth and their French Bulldog, Rocco.

Heidi Berger

EOS Implementer™, Lean Specialist,
Certified Management Accountant and MBA

Heidi Berger brings to The TRACTION Hub clients a passion for analytics and helping businesses understand the “why” behind solutions. Heidi has spent her career analyzing and improving operations for companies in a variety of industries, with over 10 years at P.F. Chang’s, where she held roles as VP of Planning and Analysis, VP of Financial Operations and Risk, and most recently VP of Business Transformation. Heidi has also been in a variety of senior management roles in retail, distribution and restaurant firms where she focused on Finance, Operations, Risk, Treasury and Supply Management. Her roles have helped C-suite leaders guide strategy and make better decisions while also helping coach and mentor those directly affecting the customer. Heidi has a gift for translating the complex nature of numbers and analysis into meaningful, actionable ideas that can be executed.


In addition to her work as an EOS Implementer™, Heidi, who is also a Green Belt in Lean principles, helps entrepreneurial businesses achieve operational excellence in their core processes to optimize execution. Creating scorecards and dashboards are key drivers in her approach. As a Certified Management Accountant with an MBA in International Operations, Heidi’s has both the intellectual capacity and the real-world experience to bring meaningful, detailed change to The TRACTION Hub’s clients and strengthen their EOS® Implementation.


Heidi splits her time between Scottsdale, Arizona and Hotchkiss, Colorado with her husband, their draft horse hitch and dogs. She is available to travel to any US destination.

Barclay Lallatin

Administrative & Marketing Assistant

With a background in marketing and administration, together with a degree in Graphic Design, Barclay brings things together behind the scenes to keep The TRACTION Hub running seamlessly. Her outgoing personality together with her enthusiasm to go above and beyond is what drives her to be a valuable resource for our clients and our team.

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