Why The TRACTION Hub ?

For Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs

The TRACTION Hub was founded by lifelong entrepreneur and 15-year YPO/EO veteran Michael Erath to transform businesses and lives by coaching entrepreneurial leadership teams through EOS® Implementation and providing other related, valueadd services. Michael is one of the world’s only Certified EOS Implementers® who fully used EOS® in his own business – as the owner – before exiting that business. This allowed him to pursue his true purpose of taking everything that his entrepreneurial journey has given him, sharing it openly, and in doing so giving it all back. His unique perspective adds significant value to those who work with him.


Michael spends over 1,400 hours and 160 days each year in working sessions with his clients. According to Gino Wickman, creator of EOS® and author of Traction©, “Michael is one of our best EOS Implementers®. What makes him great is that he has lived everything he teaches. His story is a great one and he is a true class act.”


In 2019, Michael decided to build out a firm of Leadership Team Coaches with two critical requirements; that they be former owners of businesses $10,000,000 in revenue and 50 or more employees, and also prior users of EOS®. He believes that maximum value only comes from working with a coach who has lived in the shoes of their clients. That is why The TRACTION Hub is “For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs.”

The TRACTION Hub by the numbers


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